narvika Lean Intranet as a Service

The Smart Intranet
Without You Having To Change

The narvika intranet adapts to you and not the other way around. Start easily at a cost-efficient fixed price with a package that includes popular features and offers the best usability on the market.

Look around now

Intranet Homepage
in User-Friendly Design

All news and information is accessible in a central location, anywhere in the office, home office, or on the go.

narvika intranet

Dashboards &

Business applications are greatly simplified and optimized, as with the comprehensive and personalized CRM Cockpit

Intranet Dashboards

Intranet Search Perfection

The INTERGATOR search is one of the most powerful search engines available and delivers search results within seconds.

Intranet search

Fixed price or

Unlimited users, all popular applications available and usable immediately. Cloud variant at a fixed price on ISO 27001 certified servers.

Prices & Packages

These 3 Goals can be Achieved with the narvika Intranet

Start efficiently in the workplace of the future, today.

Relieve Employees Immediately & Save Time

narvika integrates into your existing IT landscape and retrieves the maximum from all of your existing data. News and updates from all scattered tools are displayed on the personal homepage.

Increased efficiency & time savings, because:

  • Fewer emails and less redundant voting, as employees are automatically informed about updates
  • Intranet home page as an ideal entry point for any task and for any information - even on the go
  • Automatically update key KPIs & insights and show employees
  • Future safe: If new applications are added, these can be connected to your narvika intranet.

Intranet Search
Designed to Make Work Easy

The intelligent search function finds any content within seconds, regardless of the system or location in which the information was stored, in whatever format.

The perfect intranet search, because:

  • Relevant search results within seconds even for extremely large amounts of data
  • Various filter options to efficiently limit large quantities of hits
  • Instant preview allows one-click access to information
  • Various optimization functions to improve search result quality and be able to balance redundant content
  • Optional with Artificial Intelligence to find even more relevant content.

Innovative Intranet at Low Cost

narvika is based on very fast project implementation and enables you significant time and cost savings in integrating your new intranet into your company.

Innovative and cost-effective, because:

  • Immediately usable for all employees without cumbersome introduction processes, practically no training required for end-users
  • Standardized templates of common intranet features and company design customization included
  • Compatible with the most common business applications with more than 100 interfaces available
  • Available for a fixed price on ISO 27001 certified servers in Germany or on-premises upon request.

narvika brings together all - really all - information in one central location

With over 100 standardized interfaces, virtually all common tools and applications can be connected to your narvika intranet.

Testing narvika now

Online Demo in your own Company Design

We create an individual online demo with the data from more than 200,000 tests to give you an even clearer picture of the many advantages of narvika. This demo already includes adaptation to your corporate design - of course, everything is free of charge and non-binding.

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