AI Seminar for Travel Service Providers

What is "Prompt Engineering" and how can I use it for my work in the travel agency, with the tour operator, or at the hotel? Our experts will guide you step by step into the world of Artificial Intelligence (including ChatGPT and the Office365 Copilot) and show you how you can successfully use this technology through Prompt Engineering in your travel company.

Current · Personal · Interactive · Small groups

Date Time Duration Focus Level Participants Location Price
16.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours AI for Travel Companies Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
18.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours Prompt Engineering Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
19.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours Prompt Engineering Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
23.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours AI for Travel Companies Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
22.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours AI for Travel Companies Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
25.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours Prompt Engineering Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
30.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours AI for Travel Companies Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration
29.04.2024 09:00–12:00 3 hours AI for Travel Companies Beginner Max. 1-4 Online €279,- Registration

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For everyone who wants to learn the basics of current AI in the travel industry

The target audience of this seminar includes both professionals from the travel industry who have already gained initial experience in the field of AI and would like to deepen their knowledge, as well as individuals who are new and want to learn how to deal with current AI from the ground up. The seminar offers a solid introduction to the basics and focuses on application in a travel company. It enables participants to continuously expand their skills and knowledge and to apply it in practice in the travel agency, with the tour operator, at the hotel, or with the airline.

Alwin Lösche
CEO of narvika GmbH and Founder of the travel operator heyHusky

"With years of expertise as a specialty travel operator in the field of Northern Lights and husky tours, I ensure at narvika that all AI-based travel products and services are field-tested and continuously improved through a deep understanding of the travel industry."

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Basic Course on AI in the Travel Industry

Focus Areas & Takeaways

Prompt Engineering
for Travel Professionals

Discover how you can optimally use GPT technology for your travel business to create outstanding customer experiences. In our training sessions, you will learn the basics of applying artificial intelligence in travel agencies, with tour operators, in hotels, or with airlines. Accelerate your daily work processes with personalized travel suggestions, improved customer care, and efficient data analysis among others.

Use Cases
& Practical Exercises with AI

Explore specific applications of AI in your travel company. Discover how AI generates automated, personalized offers tailored to the individual needs and preferences of customers. Additionally, learn how AI can be used in the creation of travel tenders. With practical exercises, we consider all relevant areas (image, text, and video) and the latest tools.

& the O365 Copilot

We offer you a focused insight into the ecosystem of ChatGPT and generative AI, tailored for the travel industry. Learn more about various AI tools and platforms, such as the MS Office365 Copilot, which are used in different areas of the travel industry. We cover all relevant business areas – from customer communication via the hotline to accounting and review management.

Implementing ChatGPT and Co. in Travel Agencies or Travel Companies

Course Content with a Focus on the Travel Industry

In this workshop on ChatGPT, participants will perform practical exercises to actively gain experience. The workshop will answer the following questions:

  • How does Generative AI, the technology behind ChatGPT, work?
  • How do I formulate inputs (prompts) to achieve optimal results?
  • What basic data protection aspects should be considered when using ChatGPT?
  • What are the current limitations and what are the perspectives?
  • What tasks can I solve with ChatGPT in the travel agency and Co.?
  • How can I integrate ChatGPT into my daily work as a travel specialist?
  • What is the ecosystem around ChatGPT? What other useful tools are there based on generative AI?
  • What are Custom-GPTs and how can I use them for my work?
  • How do I generate suitable images and graphics for travel tenders with Adobe Firefly and Midjourney?
  • NEW! How do I use the Office365 Copilot and how can I chat with my company content?


Consider Data Protection, Overcome Reservations, and Increase Productivity

The rapid development of generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, meets with skepticism among some employees. The innovations are disruptive, unfamiliar, and are developing at a breathtaking pace. In our workshop, we explain in detail how such AI systems can be used in compliance with data protection and how you can use these technologies today to increase your work efficiency despite current limitations and errors. We are convinced that acquiring these skills is of great importance now. Through our Prompt Engineering training specifically tailored to the travel industry, you will gain the necessary knowledge to seize the many new opportunities. Take this opportunity for professional development to improve your career prospects and prepare for the future requirements and job profiles.

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Our promise to you

Quality guarantee: Our promise of performance

Our offering includes high-quality workshops, seminars, and courses, led by recognized experts with extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence. All of our instructors are CEOs of specialized IT companies, focusing on AI and consulting in various domains.

This ensures training and workshops of the highest caliber, where not only technical expertise but also understanding of business processes, data privacy, benefits, and effectiveness are at the core.

Practical relevance: Hands-on implementation and deepening of learned knowledge by yourself

Our tailored workshops, seminars, and courses are characterized by a strong focus on practical application. We understand that you not only want to acquire theoretical knowledge but also be able to implement what you have learned directly in your company or professional career. That's why we provide you with concrete tools, techniques, and strategies to help you tackle practical challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Our experienced instructors assist you in applying the learned concepts to your specific environment and accompany you throughout the entire learning process. You are encouraged to ask questions and actively engage with other participants, creating a sustainable learning environment. Through this hands-on approach, we offer you not only theoretical knowledge but also the opportunity to immediately apply your acquired knowledge in practice and create real value for your company or professional development.

Individual support

We place great emphasis on providing individual support to our participants. Our workshops, seminars, and courses are designed to cater to your specific needs and requirements. To achieve a high level of personalization, we kindly ask you to indicate your current knowledge in the field of AI, expectations, and questions prior to the seminar. This way, we gain a precise understanding of your existing knowledge and can tailor the seminar accordingly. You will receive personal feedback and have the opportunity to directly clarify your questions with the experts.

3 decades of experience in AI development

Your instructors

Mark Reinke

Mark Reinke is a passionate data scientist and CEO of exdatis GmbH. With his degree in Computer Science from TU Dresden and his Data Science certification from Harvard University, Mark possesses detailed expertise and experience to lead instructor activities in our AI seminars to success. He has a knack for explaining complex topics in a clear and vivid manner, allowing participants to easily and joyfully grasp the content.

André Kischkel

André Kischkel is a creative mind, and his ability to think outside the box makes him an outstanding instructor in AI seminars. He has a talent for conveying complex concepts of artificial intelligence in an understandable and practical manner. With his diploma in Computer Science, his expertise as a software architect, and his position as CEO of exdatis GmbH, he brings the necessary knowledge to provide participants with valuable insights into the world of AI.

Alwin Lösche

With a Bachelor of Design from Maastricht and extensive experience as a project manager and consultant within complex IT projects, Alwin Lösche possesses comprehensive expertise with a keen eye for detail. As CEO of narvika GmbH, he drives the development of custom chatbots that make complex prompt inputs easier for inexperienced users. His enthusiasm and practical knowledge inspire participants to apply their newfound skills in the world of artificial intelligence.

narvika solutions and services based on AI

The narvika AI solution, our focus, and our offerings

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License-free and for self-installation: AI assistants, prompt templates, and copilots for customized business processes.

The availability of AI assistants, prompt templates, and copilots allows companies of all sizes to optimize their business processes and stay competitive. It is important to incorporate these tools into the company's strategy to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • AI assistants are intelligent programs that automate repetitive tasks and support employees in completing their daily tasks. They can, for example, answer emails, schedule appointments, or analyze data. By taking over these time-consuming tasks, they enable employees to focus on more challenging tasks.
  • Prompt templates are pre-designed templates for common business scenarios. They facilitate the creation of documents, reports, or presentations as they include structured and professional content. By using these templates, companies save time and ensure consistent and high-quality results.
  • Copilots are tools that assist employees in performing complex tasks. They provide step-by-step guidance to ensure tasks are performed correctly. These tools are particularly useful for new employees or for tasks that are rarely performed.
  • The AI-optimized homepage in the company provides a central hub for employees to quickly access relevant information, tools, and support through AI assistants. It promotes efficiency, improves communication, and enables optimized workflow for the entire team.
At a fixed price: AI training courses and workshops for the specific implementation.

Our AI training courses provide concrete knowledge about AI technologies and their application. ChatGPT is one possible focus, but we also cover other AI technologies. We raise awareness among your employees about the safe handling of data that needs to be considered when using AI technologies. In addition to conveying fundamentals in prompt engineering, we also present potential use cases. Upon request, we can customize the content and, for example, demonstrate possible integration options while considering the relevant data protection regulations of your company.

In our customized AI workshops, we specifically address the implementation of AI technologies in your company or department. Our license-free <> chatbots are tailored to the specific requirements of your company and can be installed in your company's data center to immediately create value. We take into account individual requirements, technical aspects, data protection requirements, and organizational measures to enable a quick and cost-effective entry into the working world with AI.

Chat with corporate content, AI knowledge management with smart search, and sophisticated chatbot development.
  • In a real company chat, we integrate your company content from various data sources into the chat conversation. We ensure that all authorization concepts and internal data protection regulations are respected.
  • With our AI knowledge management with smart search, we ensure that the knowledge existing in your company is optimally utilized and made discoverable. Using advanced AI techniques beyond traditional language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, we analyze and structure your data and content to make them searchable, regardless of where and in what format they are stored. This enables efficient information retrieval and facilitates employee access to the required knowledge.
  • When it comes to the development of sophisticated chatbots, we go beyond simple question-answer functionalities. We focus on developing intelligent and conversational chatbot systems that can handle and automate complex business processes.

Our chat solutions, AI knowledge management with smart search, and sophisticated chatbot development offer companies a unique opportunity to relieve employees, counteract the shortage of skilled workers, and increase productivity.


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