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Learn more about our unique chatbots and AI assistants that are already optimized for common use cases and can be easily customized to meet your specific business needs. In the basic version, they are available as free downloads for effortless self-installation and can be expanded without user limits, while ensuring maximum data privacy.

Shorter Prompts & Improved Output

"I could just write it myself..."

Not with our narvika chatbots! Our chatbots and AI assistants are pre-configured for specific topics or tasks, significantly reducing the inputs and prompting steps required by the employee. This allows for faster generation of the desired output in the required format and quality. All interactions with the chatbots are greatly minimized, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Forget about thousands of half-baked prompt templates, cheatsheets, and placeholders that need to be manually and error-prone filled out. In our chatbots, the recurring context can be stored, so you can generate the desired output with just a few inputs - in many cases, even with just one.

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Prompt Templates & Prompt Forms

Flexible Input Forms for Prompts

Unlimited input and prompt forms replace manual placeholders, and optional menus facilitate usage with appropriate text snippets. By clicking together the prompt and using the preview function, user-friendliness is increased. In addition, company-specific prompts can also be pre-configured, making daily use easier and reducing manual effort. By providing input forms and optional choices, we guide the user to create efficient prompts without lengthy and complex text inputs. This significantly improves the quality and consistency of the output, even for inexperienced users.

Example: "Flight Comparison"

Better Outputs without Fine-tuning

Virtual Shots for Improved Results

With this innovative in-house development by narvika, a chatbot is preloaded with a conversation of any length in advance. This gives the chatbot a clear thematic or structural context even before the first manual input by the user. Entering manual prompts is thereby significantly simplified, and the outputs are much more robust. For example, you can easily provide tone or sample data without the need for extensive fine-tuning of the LLM.

Operating LLMs like ChatGPT in GDPR-compliant Manner

Maximum Data Privacy through Greylisting, Blacklisting, and More

The chatbots from narvika offer you maximum options when it comes to data privacy. All technical settings are 100% transparent and can be individually adjusted with low code. You have the ability to set various LLM models and parameters depending on what works best for each chatbot. This allows you to operate different use cases with different models if needed. With the greylist feature, you can specify keywords or data patterns (e.g., phone numbers) that should not be sent to the LLM. These are automatically removed from the input (prompt), and the result is immediately visible in the preview as well. Through blacklisting, it is possible to specify keywords (e.g., "payroll") or data patterns that will block the submission of the entire prompt during data entry.

narvika solutions and services based on AI

The narvika AI solution, our focus, and our offerings

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License-free and for self-installation: AI assistants, prompt templates, and copilots for customized business processes.

The availability of AI assistants, prompt templates, and copilots allows companies of all sizes to optimize their business processes and stay competitive. It is important to incorporate these tools into the company's strategy to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • AI assistants are intelligent programs that automate repetitive tasks and support employees in completing their daily tasks. They can, for example, answer emails, schedule appointments, or analyze data. By taking over these time-consuming tasks, they enable employees to focus on more challenging tasks.
  • Prompt templates are pre-designed templates for common business scenarios. They facilitate the creation of documents, reports, or presentations as they include structured and professional content. By using these templates, companies save time and ensure consistent and high-quality results.
  • Copilots are tools that assist employees in performing complex tasks. They provide step-by-step guidance to ensure tasks are performed correctly. These tools are particularly useful for new employees or for tasks that are rarely performed.
  • The AI-optimized homepage in the company provides a central hub for employees to quickly access relevant information, tools, and support through AI assistants. It promotes efficiency, improves communication, and enables optimized workflow for the entire team.
At a fixed price: AI training courses and workshops for the specific implementation.

Our AI training courses provide concrete knowledge about AI technologies and their application. ChatGPT is one possible focus, but we also cover other AI technologies. We raise awareness among your employees about the safe handling of data that needs to be considered when using AI technologies. In addition to conveying fundamentals in prompt engineering, we also present potential use cases. Upon request, we can customize the content and, for example, demonstrate possible integration options while considering the relevant data protection regulations of your company.

In our customized AI workshops, we specifically address the implementation of AI technologies in your company or department. Our license-free <> chatbots are tailored to the specific requirements of your company and can be installed in your company's data center to immediately create value. We take into account individual requirements, technical aspects, data protection requirements, and organizational measures to enable a quick and cost-effective entry into the working world with AI.

Chat with corporate content, AI knowledge management with smart search, and sophisticated chatbot development.
  • In a real company chat, we integrate your company content from various data sources into the chat conversation. We ensure that all authorization concepts and internal data protection regulations are respected.
  • With our AI knowledge management with smart search, we ensure that the knowledge existing in your company is optimally utilized and made discoverable. Using advanced AI techniques beyond traditional language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, we analyze and structure your data and content to make them searchable, regardless of where and in what format they are stored. This enables efficient information retrieval and facilitates employee access to the required knowledge.
  • When it comes to the development of sophisticated chatbots, we go beyond simple question-answer functionalities. We focus on developing intelligent and conversational chatbot systems that can handle and automate complex business processes.

Our chat solutions, AI knowledge management with smart search, and sophisticated chatbot development offer companies a unique opportunity to relieve employees, counteract the shortage of skilled workers, and increase productivity.


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