Customer data, emails, documents stored wherever

CRM Cockpit - All Sales Info at a Glance

Connect one or more CRMs and other data sources and efficiently merge and search the CRM cockpit.

The Complete 360 Degree View of the Entire Sales Process

Naturally, customer data and information are never in one place. E-mails and documents (including internal documentation and references) are scattered in various places in the company. With the narvika CRM cockpit, you bundle all information in one central location, always up-to-date and searchable.


Step 1

Connect CRM and data sources to the narvika Intranet

Data further scattered?
No problem! More than 100 additional interfaces can be connected

Step 2

Use the narvika CRM cockpit immediately & increase efficiency in the sales process

Sales Dashboards Out of the Box
Use the narvika CRM cockpit immediately & increase efficiency in the sales process.

Communicate KPIs and Insights
Comprehensive CRM key figures, statistics, and trends are displayed to the team and are updated automatically.

CRM Search Perfection
CRM documents, customers, contacts, offers, booking numbers, invoices, or any other CRM content can be found in seconds, no matter where it is stored.

Comprehensive Exports & Reports
Comprehensive exports can be created across all data sources. Very helpful with questions about compliance and data protection.


Individual application scenarios possible

Operate multiple CRMs in parallel

Whether desired, mandatory, or just "historically grown," multiple CRMs can exist and be used within a company. Here, the CRM cockpit as a central overview can be easily implemented and designed efficiently. Of course, all other data sources (e-mail, documentation, databases) are connected and made available here as well.

Example: MS Dynamics and Salesforce in parallel.

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