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Efficiently Prepare Information with Dashboards

Unique? In fact, many tools offer the ability to create your own dashboards or cockpit overview pages. The big and unique difference from narvika is that these dashboards are created comprehensively across all connected data sources (from more than 100 existing interfaces) and thus allow a complete look at your relevant information, which is naturally stored in various places. In this way, you can allow much deeper and holistic insights into your topics, tasks, and data to find out about relevant news without having to repeatedly search for the same topics in different places.

Frequent application cases have already been implemented

Best Practice Dashboards for your Intranet, Inclusive and Wholly Expandable

We have prepared for you the most common Intranet dashboards with over 45 flexible widgets and the most common Intranet functions. With these templates, you can start immediately or take them as a basis for individual customization.

Intranet Homepage
The ideal entry point into any task. With the Intranet Dashboard, you provide all information for the employee in a central location. Updates from the source systems, company news, contact partner search, and much more are directly available. Also available on all mobile devices. Adaptation to your CI is already included.

CRM Dashboard
All customer data at a glance no matter where it is stored. Customer information is always scattered in a variety of places. With the narvika CRM dashboard, you have combined the central overview of the important KPIs, current processes, and a comprehensive search function in one place. Ideal also for the parallel operation of multiple CRMs.

Analysis and Statistics
Employees will always be up-to-date. Diverse analysis and statistics widgets are available to visualize certain figures across the entire database continuously and optically in a dashboard. Data-wide reports and lists of the takeouts can be exported in various formats.

Optically appealing in the tile design
Dashboards can be created and managed centrally at different levels (company area, department, team, or transcendent). In addition to general topics and news, employees will find more and more specific information and updates on their daily work.

New employees
Gather all the information, data, links, and other references for new employees that are important for the start-up in a dashboard and release them during the new setup. Adjust the overview page as needed and these are automatically updated by the relevant colleagues.

Project overview
Here, project-specific content is compiled on an individual overview page and released to the relevant employees independently of the organizational structure. An in-house search function allows you to quickly find project-related content no matter where you submit it.

Efficient business communication with shared overview pages

Create and Share Individual Intranet Dashboards

With our most used dashboards and apps, you can quickly compile the first individual overview pages. The sharing function of the dashboards is also very helpful in this place. Here, centrally responsible employees can create theme (or department) specific dashboards and release specific employees. In this way, you reduce recurring voting costs, so that the individual employee automatically receives the relevant information.

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Online Demo in your own Company Design

We create an individual online demo with the data from more than 200,000 tests to give you an even clearer picture of the many advantages of narvika. This demo already includes adaptation to your corporate design - of course, everything is free of charge and non-binding.

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