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Get a detailed picture of the narvika intranet in your company's design. With over 200,000 pieces of prepared test content (e-mails, documents, news, website content, etc.) you can put all functions through their paces. You will be amazed!

Free Proof of Concept

Your individual demo will already be presented in your company design, giving you a realistic impression of how narvika can work for you. In most cases, time-consuming and costly proof of concept installations are no longer necessary.

Plenty of Test Data

Test data without the typical "Lorem Ipsum ..."! We prepare several hundred thousand realistic pieces of demo data for you so that you can experience all the functions and strengths of narvika directly. Personalised start page, newsfeeds, extensive search examples, and storage locations will convince you of the advantages.

Application Examples

We put together specific intranet use cases so that you can try out and experience the many features of narvika in detail. If you wish, we will also guide you through the extensive functions of your demo by screen session and advise you in further detail.

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Your personal test environment will be provided as quickly as possible within 1-2 working days.

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