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Create employee profiles in narvika and display them on defined topics directly in the search results.

GDPR compliant expert search

Employee Profiles & Competencies

The employee profiles can be easily maintained and updated in narvika. Any competencies and topics can be assigned here in the personal profile. For data protection reasons, every employee must actively consent to personal findability and can publish their profile within narvika. The profile is then automatically displayed as soon as a relevant topic is searched for. On the personal homepage, there is a separate quick search for employee profiles, where you can search for names but also competencies and topics.

Intranet profile search

Show Experts Directly in Search Results

Published profiles are displayed directly above the search hits in the result list. For example, if an employee is looking for "Sales Presentation", the appropriate expert profiles (e.g. with "Sales" competence) are displayed immediately in addition to other relevant documents. Recurring communication efforts "Who is the contact person here?" are efficiently reduced. Changes in responsibility (e.g. vacation replacements) can also be temporarily maintained in the respective profiles and can be found immediately by all colleagues.

narvika Expert Search

Employee Profiles: Popular Features and Use Cases

Identify Experts with a Reverse Search

In addition to actively maintaining personal competencies directly in the employee profiles, a so-called reverse search is also possible which can be tailored according to requirements. The reverse search feature makes it possible to find suitable contact persons for specific topics. For example, if an employee creates or edits many documents on the subject of "Sales", this profile can be displayed for suitable search queries.

The advantage of the reverse search on profiles is the fast and automatic assignment without having to manually maintain competencies. However, there is a certain lack of clarity in the search results and, if applicable, data protection-related issues.

Employee Profiles in sync with Existing Data

Depending on the company, the employee profiles can also be synchronised with an existing database. This is useful if employee data is already managed centrally in a company, for example within an AD structure.

In these cases, in addition to the competencies, other meta-information (telephone, address, etc.) can be taken over and made discoverable within narvika.

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