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There Are Many Intranet Solutions
But Only 'narvika' Explains Itself.

Information is combined, simplified, and reduced to the essentials. All conveniently available in one place.

narvika brings together all - really all - information in one central location

With over 100 standardized interfaces, virtually all common tools and applications can be connected to your narvika intranet.

360 Degree intranet solution

Your home page: reduced, classic or individual

The starting point of your intranet acts as the starting point for all upcoming tasks and is essentially your personal start page. In addition to general company news, you will always find an up-to-date overview of your personal projects, data, emails, documents, and selected external news from the Internet in your personal news feed. You can receive your personal start page elegantly reduced to a search box and your documents or full-bodied in a classic intranet style with a lot of additional content (e.g. in tile design). Both variants are optimized for your personal company design and can also be used in parallel. Of course, all interfaces are optimized for mobile devices with exceptional attention to detail.

Always up to date

News Stream

The narvika intranet solution brings all news together in a chronological news stream for you, regardless of how and where this information was stored. This happens across the board and is not limited to certain applications. It can even be supplemented by external content (e.g. news websites). Internal company news can be created directly within narvika by authorised users and is immediately displayed to all employees.

Newsfeeds Create your own news

Own overview pages

Dashboards without limits

Dashboards are freely configurable overview pages that can be designed and shared by the employee and / or by central managers. In this way, your intranet solution can be expanded very flexibly and can be tailored to your specific corporate purpose. The main feature of narvika is that all overview pages are created across the entire database of the existing structures and applications. If there are updates in the respective system, all dashboards are automatically updated and the employees concerned are informed.

Dashboard examples

Find instead of search

The perfect intranet search

The heart of narvika is the established INTERGATOR search engine, which you can use to find all data at any time, regardless of where and in which format it was created. If you are currently looking for content in your everyday work for more than a few minutes, narvika will be able to relieve you of this pain immediately. Our aim is to find content within seconds, regardless of the amount of data. Of course, individual authorizations and data protection guidelines are mapped in accordance with GDPR.

Intranet search AI assisted search

Improve internal Communication

Social Intranet

narvika is a strongly data-oriented intranet solution that gets the most out of your data. In addition, simple social intranet functions are available and content can be commented on, tagged, and shared. Individual dashboards and your own content can also be shared and efficiently communicated within the company.

Social intranet features

Microblogging & Takeouts

Content & Cross-Data Exports

Create your own content directly in the narvika intranet and make it accessible to your colleagues and employees. Comprehensive takeouts are a powerful feature for creating interdisciplinary data and reports. The data can be merged into one file across all existing data pools and exported.

Microblogging Takeouts

narvika instant preview

Detailed information just a click away

The narvika intranet not only finds all your data very quickly and automatically compiles the latest news for you, it also enables you to view and further details the respective content with one click. The included direct preview for example, enables common Office documents to be opened immediately without a separate download. In the case of long documents, the preview also jumps directly to the location within the file you are looking for and marks it. The direct preview is also available within the personal start page and the newsfeeds, enabling the quickest possible access to detailed information.

Testing narvika now

Online Demo in your own Company Design

We create an individual online demo with the data from more than 200,000 tests to give you an even clearer picture of the many advantages of narvika. This demo already includes adaptation to your corporate design - of course, everything is free of charge and non-binding.

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