Always Up To Date

Newsfeeds & Information Streams

All updates and current information, always at a glance, at a central point. narvika brings together all updates from different data pools and bundles relevant information for a quick overview.

Informations Streams

Consolidated Information Flow

The narvika intranet brings together all the news from various data sources in one information stream and shows you all the information on the personalised homepage or on your own dashboards. The decisive advantage is the comprehensive data processing of narvika, which enables content and information from very different sources to be displayed in a consolidated chronological list. This enables extremely quick and holistic access to everyday work topics. We have standardised the most common streams (news, documents, updates) in our fixed price offer. Strong filter options are available to every employee in order to efficiently restrict the flow of information according to their own   needs. Power users and administrators can create company-specific and topic-dependent streams or feeds and make them available to all employees.

All Information in One Place

Intranet Feeds: Diverse Use Cases

Internal Newsfeeds

All information created with the narvika internal news function is prominently listed chronologically on the personal start page. News and feeds can be categorised company-wide, but also in such a way that corporate divisions, departments, or cross-project groups maintain and communicate their own news.

External Content and News Directly on the Intranet

With the narvika intranet, you can make external websites available and searchable on your intranet. Let yourself be automatically informed about industry-specific news and keep a central overview.

  • General news and messages
  • Industry-specific news
  • Competitive analysis and monitoring of the market
  • Own external websites.
Project or Topic-Specific Feeds and Streams

Define your own streams across all topics and data pools. Combine internal and external information at a central point. Examples:

  • All information about a project with documents in different storage locations (e-mails, files, CRM entries)
  • All news about a customer (internal information plus website content of the customer himself) in a consolidated list

    Export these cross-data feeds and lists with the takeouts in different formats.

Testing narvika now

Online Demo in your own Company Design

We create an individual online demo with the data from more than 200,000 tests to give you an even clearer picture of the many advantages of narvika. This demo already includes adaptation to your corporate design - of course, everything is free of charge and non-binding.

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