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Create comprehensive exports

Another powerful feature of the narvika intranet is the comprehensive export options for all content. It does not matter where what information is saved, the data can be easily merged into a file and exported. This function is unique because the exports do not follow a predefined structure but can be compiled freely using the search function.

Example: All information on a specific customer must be exported for documentation or compliance reasons. The data is scattered around the company in a wide variety of places (emails, file servers, wikis, possibly comments, and more). Without narvika, you would now have to search for the information separately in each location and compile it manually. With large amounts of data, this can easily become a time-consuming challenge with a great risk of overlooking content. With the narvika Takeouts you can easily search for the customer name and export the entire hit list (e-mails, data, comments, wiki entries, etc.) in a consolidated document (PDF or Excel).

Export search results

Identify personal data in accordance with GDPR

With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the end of May 2018, new challenges began to arise for companies and organizations. The regulation places increased demands on the protection of personal data and in the event of inquiries or contradictions, companies and their data protection officers are obliged to provide comprehensive information about the data recorded and processed. The personal data of employees are naturally scattered across a wide variety of systems and a complete search is tedious or almost impossible. With narvika, the data protection officer can find a specific employee's information very quickly, export it in one step and, if necessary, accompany and control the complete deletion.

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We create an individual online demo with the data from more than 200,000 tests to give you an even clearer picture of the many advantages of narvika. This demo already includes adaptation to your corporate design - of course, everything is free of charge and non-binding.

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