Why narvika?

The Ideal Completion
For Your Digital Workplace

narvika collects all information from your existing applications and makes current data available in a central location, in addition to offering a precise search function. Employees do not have to change their habits, nor do technical changes have to be made.

Alwin Lösche, Founder of narvika

"Every employee needs a personalized homepage, current updates, frequently used internal and external links, as well as a comprehensive search function. Even the latest intranet solutions can not meet this demand and usually only form another place where information is created and stored in isolation. Thus, employees always have to actively search for updates and information across different locations in a very time-consuming manner."

"narvika closes this gap with precision and proven use cases around the comprehensive intranet home page, dashboards, and search, all at a fixed price."


Advantages of search-based intranets

narvika relies on the Enterprise Search Technology INTERGATOR, which not only makes all your scattered data discoverable within seconds but also provides you with the home page and business dashboards further innovative intranet features. This search-based approach is ideal, as once connected, the comprehensive search engine "knows all the content" and thus automatically complements the intranet home page with updates as well as comprehensive dashboards with data-wide analytics.

Intranet search Expert search

Personal Intranet

All the news at a glance

Do you have to log into multiple applications to get the latest information before you can start work? Do you always have to search in different places? With the narvika start page, every employee can find personally relevant content, news, and updates in one central location, regardless of where or when they were created or saved. In addition to the integrated news function, all-important content is compiled in a news feed and completed with company-relevant links. The ideal starting point for any upcoming task - and of course, it's also optimized for mobile use.

Personal Intranet Newsfeeds

No User Training Required

Easiest integration and introduction

narvika fits seamlessly into your existing IT landscape and requires practically no training or lengthy change processes, neither technically nor from users. Many intranet projects fail because of the lengthy change processes required to implement the software, as well as employee reservations. With experience from countless intranet projects, the team behind narvika has placed great emphasis on simplification and the best usability possible. Using narvika is an intuitive experience that requires little to no explanation, with the bonus of sophisticated features for advanced users.

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Shortest introduction time

Optimized Integration Process

Changing processes can be very tedious, tough, and cost-intensive.
Thanks to the standardized approach of narvika, an extremely quick introduction is possible without migrating existing data.

Powerful Interfaces at an Affordable Fixed Price

Content from these tools and applications can be connected immediately to form
the basis for the personalised start page and comprehensive search function.

Further Interfaces Upon Request

With over 100 standardized interfaces, practically all common tools and applications can be connected to your narvika intranet. The time and costs are dependent on your existing IT structure and are calculated accordingly on an individual basis.

Testing narvika now

Online Demo in your own Company Design

We create an individual online demo with the data from more than 200,000 tests to give you an even clearer picture of the many advantages of narvika. This demo already includes adaptation to your corporate design - of course, everything is free of charge and non-binding.

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